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Market With Us

Are you trying to reach out to the student market? Then you need to advertise with us here at Chester Students’ Union. We’re the heart and voice for all University of Chester students and we have opportunities available for you to reach our students before they even arrive in the city. Make sure this year your company is first to market!

With direct access to 20,000 students, advertising through us gives you the opportunity to reach out to our students in a range of different ways. 

Whether you are interested in advertising to students or you’re looking to engage with the student market, we can help you reach students in a variety of unique and effective ways by creating tailored packages to meet your business's specific needs.

All listed prices are excluding VAT at 20%.

Why Advertise With Us?

1. Students have spending power

2. Students are always keen to try something new

3. We have access to UoC students

4. The average student now spends around £9,850 per year; this puts the spending power of University of Chester students at a minimum of £197,000,000 per year. 

Chester Students’ Union is a charitable organisation, which means all income generated via media opportunities is used to improve our organisation to benefit our students.

For more information, or to book any of the following media options, please contact our team at csumarketing@chester.ac.uk.

Fresher’s Fair 2019

Last year we had over 2,500 students attend our epic Fresher’s Fair, located in the Sports Hall at our Parkgate campus. This always-popular event gives you direct face-to-face access to a brand new cohort of students, giving you the opportunity to develop relationships with a huge network of potential customers.

We will be landing at the Sports Hall on Wednesday 25th September and we cannot wait to welcome you there.

With ultimate brand and business exposure, this is our most proven event and the one that you most need your brand to be associated with.








For 2019, we’re looking to do something different. We’re switching up our pricing structure to make it fairer across the board, and to maximise the satisfaction of event attendees we’re introducing an incentive scheme that will see your rate reduced if you meet certain criteria.


Charities will qualify for the discounted rate if they can demonstrate that their mission aligns with our goal of becoming students’ first port-of-call for advice and support. That means if your organisation has ties to mental health care, financial advice or health & wellbeing, we’ll be happy to knock £150.00 off the rate card.

Other Businesses

All other vendors will receive a significant discount on their rate if they can demonstrate they’ll be bringing something different to the table – an amazing experience, for example, or a memorable piece of merch to give away, or anything else that will wow our attendees. This is your opportunity to be a founding element of the experience of a whole new generation of students, and a chance to build some serious loyalty and social media credibility – as such, we’ll be giving priority to vendors who can show they’re ready to impress our students.

Premium Stalls

Premium stalls are back this year – double the size of a normal stall, these are featured prominently within the exhibition hall and are the first and last things attendees see. Due to the amount of space required for these high-profile offerings and as they’re limited in number, they are strictly first-come-first-served. We can only offer them to vendors who are doing something really special for our attendees! Price available on application.

Ongoing advertisement throughout the year

Ensure your brand is refreshed and remembered after the September hustle and bustle has calmed down!

Face to Face

With numerous hot spots across campus, we can provide the perfect opportunity for you to interact with our students face to face.  We can offer a variety of locations throughout the campus for this exciting opportunity.

Per Day


Per Week



Flyer Distribution

We can deliver leaflets or flyers directly to students, putting your brand in the palms of their hands.  Stand out from others who want the students to go to them - go direct to the students!










Design and print service available on request - £POA.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of our events is the best way to make a guaranteed lasting impression on our students and the wider community. Aside from Fresher's Fair in September, we run 3 other big events each year - Varsity in March, the 1839 Awards in early June and the Big Weekender in late June. You'll get the same benefits if you choose to sponsor any event, but at times through the year that might better suit your business needs.

Event Sponsorship £POA

Website Banner Ads

Our banner ads sit in the top right-hand corner of every page on ChesterSU.com, and so are seen every time someone views any page, whether logged in or not. As an example, in November 2018, your ad could have been seen as many as 78,841 times!

Per Month


Per Term


Per Year



Social Media Advertisements

CSU has access to over 18,000 current students through our various marketing channels. We're happy to work in partnership with you to leverage these to assist in the promotion of any campaigns, donation drives or branding exercises you might be engaging in. All costs below are per channel.

Single Post (incl. image and link)


1 Post/wk x 4 


2 Posts/wk x 4 


These can be mixed and matched in any combination you like up to a maximum of 3 posts per week across all channels (subject to availability). 

Solus Email

Our mailing list covers both current and former students from all walks of life, as well as interested and engaged members of the general public. This amazing opportunity gives you access to that list, containing potentially thousands of new customers. Book early to guarantee your mailing - this popular product has limited availability and tends to queue up months in advance. Limit of 1 per semester.

Cost Per Email  £POA